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StraightHair2Go - Wireless Hair Straightener™

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Why the Wireless Hair Straightener?

You are on a trip and want shiny smooth hair but dont have a socket in the near? No problem for the Wireless Hair Straightener! The unique coating ensures faster straightening without damaging the hair. With this innovative solution you can style your hair whereever you are.

More than 18,000 customers trust the effectiveness of our product!

Your Benefits:

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Radiant-dry hair in record time!

Tangle-Free Combination Bristles

The nylon pin bristles easily loosen tufted hair, so that the hair is gently flattered and makes it shine again.

Effective Vents

For a faster drying and an area-wide ventilation.  Dry and voluminous hair in just 10 minutes!

Unique Oval Design

For additional treatment of the hair root to rolled hair tips.  The OneStep Salon works in detail.

Inovative Technology

Its special ceramic coating and an improved heat conductor, which allows an even heat distribution, the hair dries faster, is less damaged and provides longer-lasting hairstyles.  In addition, the OneStep Salon enhances the moisture of your hair and provides soft, healthy-looking results that you will love!