5 Tips for optimal results:

1) For faster results, dry the hair with a towel so that excess water is removed. Run a comb through damp hair for optimal results.

2) Separate the hair into manageable sections.

3) Place the OneStep Salon near the roots for a smoothness effect and brush down to the ends. The nylon needle with rounded tips fixes individual parts of the hair, while the tufted bristles gently grasp and smooth the hair.

4) Place the OneStep Salon under the hair near the roots for a voluminous effect and roll it out to the tips of the hair. To enhance the effect, simply hold the OneStep Salon under the roots for 2 seconds and turn it outward.

5) To roll just the hair tips, place the OneStep Salon just before the ends and hold it there for 2 to 3 seconds before rolling it outward. This variant is suitable for more volume near the hair tips.

Your OneStep Team